Poland 970 970 Magenta

Pastel buildings, summer flowers and Polish dumplings.

What more could a girl ask for, other than a vodka; the polish drink of choice.

Poland is full of rich yet confronting history . The old town of Warsaw in Poland is full of gorgeous tall pastel toned buildings, a lot which have been rebuilt after the war but the charm is still there.

You can walk the streets or hire a bike and cycle though the old town and into the new town. A popular mode of transport. This offers a glimpse from the then to the now.

You must sample perogie otherwise known as Polish dumplings and these are offered in most restaurants and you can’t go wrong!

A 3 hour train ride away is the historic town of Cracow (Krakaw), this can be done as a day trip and I can highly recommend the ‘free walking tour’ hosted by Big Tom. St Mary’s Basilica (Mariacki Church) is a must, the pigeons flying around really add to the gothic style and feel of the church. Don’t forget to end the day with a Pqczki, you will thank me later!

– Beth Elliott