What You Should Wear On A Long Haul Flight

What You Should Wear On A Long Haul Flight

What You Should Wear On A Long Haul Flight 1000 570 Magenta

Is it possible to look chic while 35,000 feet up and endure your tenth hour of cramped leg space? You may not be convinced it’s easy to look stylish during long-haul travel, but there are pieces that will keep you looking on point, without compromising comfort. Say hello to your long haul outfit necessities.

1. A Cotton Shirt

A cotton shirt is breathable and has the perfect amount of bagginess to offer comfort, without saying goodbye to style. Try layering a singlet underneath for extra warmth during the flight. After all, we know how dreadful in-flight air conditioning can be. 45 minutes before landing, we add a few minimal necklaces and a lick of red lipstick, taking us from airplane comfort to destination chic. This simple tee from Rag & Bone is our go-to for anywhere we travel.

2. An Over-Sized Blazer

This is a key part of strategic layering, something you’ll want to become accustomed to, especially if your destination is hotter or cooler than home. An oversized blazer allows you to maintain a stylish edge while travelling, as well as allowing for layers, such as a cashmere knit or an extra long-sleeve tee. My favourite oversized blazer is this cut from HOPE, but on my wish list is this gem from Camilla & Marc.

3. A Comfortable Pair of Tights

We get that some people say tights aren’t pants, but elasticated waistbands and nonrestrictive bottoms are the ultimate travel companion. They’re breathable, comfortable and go with almost anything – because airport style is definitely a thing. Oh, and when we say tights, don’t make the mistake of thinking that means stretchy slacks. Opt for minimal bottoms like these from Scotch & Soda or these babies from P.E Nation – both are comfortable yet chic.

4. A Stylish Hat

Let’s be honest, our morning bed hair isn’t the best, so our post-30 hour flight hair won’t be any better. A hat not only covers bad hair, it acts as an eye mask, for when you need to keep on snoozing. Additionally, it’s a style statement, meaning you can look chic while running through terminal 3 to catch your connecting flight. Offset your carbon emissions with this Will + Bear boy cap; they’ll plant ten trees for every hat sold.

5. Stylish yet Sturdy Luggage

An airport look isn’t complete without stylish luggage. We always certify our luggage is named and weighed before we get to the airport. However, ensuring that the size of our bag doesn’t exceed limits, is a tough one. Lucky for us, IT Luggagemakes check-in easier with their measured-to-fit luggage, ensuring you’ll avoid any awkward oversized cabin baggage claims. Every single piece of IT Luggage is performance tested by the team, meaning no matter where you’re going or what’s inside, you can be sure its safe. Additionally, their large luggage pieces host built-in TSA locks. This is perfect for us, we’d rather not have any issues prior to our highly anticipated holiday.

Happy travelling!

Tessa Stockdale